TESSEL – Cinema (feat. Amber Arcades)

Cinema is the second single by TESSEL leading up to their upcoming debut EP. Just in time, right before the first lockdown in The Netherlands, the  band teamed up with Simon Akkermans of Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio and recorded the six songs that combined would become their EP ‘Family  Time’. The EP is a collection of summery, joyful, atmospheric and sometimes melancholic sounds. The EP is expected to be released in late 2021.

Behind the lyrics

Two young lovers join each other on a date to the cinema, the same place where they first met. Squeezing through the crowd with a large popcorn  and two sodas they shuffle to their designated seats. The chairs are comfortable, but both feel quite the opposite inside. Something feels off, but they  are unsure of what it is exactly. The movie starts to roll. The movie portrays a familiar image of a loving but troubled couple, building up to a break-up  scene. After the film ends and the lights turn on, the lovers look each other in the eyes both knowing this was their last date.

“They were watching  themselves in the cinema”.


Well along the recording process the idea arose of having a female singer involved. TESSEL has been admiring the music of Amber Arcades for a  while and are glad the Dutch singer contributed a sweet and silky second verse to the track.

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